Slime Designer Shops: The Modern Lemonade Stands for Kids

We've all gone through lemonade stands, brought up in front of supermarkets, shopping malls or just around the corner from our homes. The children were studying entrepreneurs while proud mothers and fathers were looking for their shoulders to see how they performed to try to sell. The youngsters were supposed to learn valuable lessons in selling and profit. Yes, you are at work

Although you still see familiar situations every now and then, kids nowadays are interested in more exotic works in business, applications, computer games and ... Slimes, Yes Slimes! My 12-year-old daughter had a whole wardrobe that turned her into a storage cellar with additional shelves to store endless plastic containers of various sizes, all filled with all sorts of ordinary and unusual colors of ... slime. With these supplies come from "cotton candy" and many other synthetic jewelry such as logos and objects to imitate aloe vera, boba drink balls, "crystal water", "heart pizza", "aloe vera" and "fruit salad", and even "Winnie the Pooh" or Poopsie slime unicorn surprise, whatever! I love to speak, I feel like I have thrown inside the super slime simulation. Of course any decent work will have the appropriate slime video set, and therefore its endless time of filming everything on the iPhone, products manufactured in plastic containers look so delicious that I found myself owning several times from the kitchen counter to eat, and only realized at the last minute that This thing can kill you if I eat!

At first the answer was: "I let them give up on my friends." Well, no big deal. But after a while, when I realized I was spending some dollars on a monthly basis for these things, I said "What's up"?  Well, don't you know, she had ... a website already in this working group called Etsy (never heard of). I said why not Amazon or Google? She said that cost money, Etsy is very very cheap.

I said, well lemme see your website. Boom: I said wow, how old are you again? I said, Oceana, I'm very impressed! You know, at your age, I didn't even think they were coming out of computers yet, or they were the size of this wardrobe, but you, from the top of your lap, were doing all this, impressive! I got a "duh" response. Before I ask her about "traffic" and things, she says, "I already have 3 sales." I'm thinking - Get out! Do you mean I don't have to spend all that money on your college? Yes, I can finally buy Ferrari! She says, not dad quickly, she's only $ 27. Yes, but pumpkin, if you can make 3 sales, you can achieve 30, then 3000, then 3 million, the sky is the limit! Well, you get the point. I already felt the time I gained again as a slime!

The important lesson of all this is that they learn about business, marketing, marketing analytics, profit loss, etc. In addition, she learns how to improve her website's traffic and coordinate activities to which she can direct traffic. Location. I understand that writing this article will drive more traffic to her website, since I'm referring to her link here and delivering high-traffic keywords that I picked up from Google Insights.

I'm thinking, what is the possibility for this person to succeed at work? I assure her that it is up to her, it all depends on her effort, energy and enthusiasm, discipline and the desire to listen, learn and apply her lessons in her works. Some of these lessons will extend to their daily lives and relationships.

In the end, one thing is certain: you can learn a lot by learning how to make slime: get to know, success and failure, about family and life itself. Good luck, my little girl. Glad to see you really like lemonade as well.