Parents: 4 Apps That May Keep A Child Safe Online

Parental control apps for smartphones can help children understand the concept of boundaries that must not be exceeded, for their safety, in this digital world. That is, these security applications can help educate and prevent children from taking certain actions and accessing inappropriate content, such as texting with strangers or displaying adult content, respectively, while respecting their privacy. If a parent intends to monitor the child's / child's device for malicious activities in this modern age, then a parental control that works well on mobile platforms, as well as the desktop, will be needed. This publication will discuss 4 of these apps that can help every parent keep their kids safe online from the dangers of society. But first, in general, what do these applications have?

The best parental control apps offer ways to reduce the time you spend on your device, filter out harmful words, photos, and videos, monitor online behavior, protect children's privacy, track usage and location, and block other apps or games as necessary. So, without wasting more time, let's take a look at the following four apps, which offer these features, each parent should consider:

The dashboard shows the child's recent mobile activity to any connected device, including time spent on certain websites such as Instagram or Twitter. The dashboard also provides options for setting time limits on a website, tracking text, filtering exciting sites, and setting time limits for any game or application. It is not a relative application, but it is still effective - a large control application to use when managing devices for children of different ages. It also works on Kindle, if someone is interested in protecting children on Amazon devices.

Norton 's premier family
Norton Family Premier packages revolve around any feature a parent can request in his or her mobile device management service, allowing key control over multiple features on multiple devices. One parent may not be able to monitor every aspect of how children use their Android phones, but with the features of web filtering, app monitoring and location tracking, parents are sure to have enough control to remind children to use their phones in a responsible way devices.

Norton, like Qustodio, can help parents monitor multiple devices and multiple children. Age profiles are easy to set up on Norton Family Premier, and easy to transfer across multiple devices.

SafeToNet is an online safety company that protects children from bullying, sexual extortion and abuse on social networks. It is also a messaging application. SafeToNetapp is designed on an AI environment that can write text messages received by children, find out what is harmful, and filter them before the damage occurs. It is a profound technique, a multifaceted solution that goes beyond AI's behavioral analyzes. Analyzes changes in child behavior and notifies parents of any suspicious change.

“The award-winning SafeToNet program protects children and young people from online risks such as bullying, sexual extortion, assault and aggression. It protects children from making mistakes and prevents sending harmful messages to social networks and messaging applications.” ~ SafeToNet

SafeToNet systems are fully automated and do not require human intervention to review content. Parents cannot see what their children send and receive. This means that the child's right to privacy is fully preserved and respected.

Once the SafeToNet app is installed on the child's device, and linked to the parent's SafeToNet account, the program searches for any inappropriate image on the child's device (s). If this image is found, you will isolate it, disguising the image so that it does not pose a risk to sharing.

Bark, an online mobile security app for kids, created by a startup founded by Twitter alumni, hopes to spark a new path to online child safety. The program uses machine learning to detect signs of negative behavior on a teenager's phone, including online bullying, sexual messages, depression, and suicide, and informs parents and the principal about the threat.

The machine learning algorithm does all the work, working in the background exploration for red flags. It works with most social platforms, like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, kik, and more.

Bark, unlike traditional "parental control" programs or nanny-type guard surveillance applications, strikes the right balance between respecting a child's right to privacy, protecting him from predators online and cyberbullying, while also looking for problems such as text messages or mental health concerns. . In this regard, it was said that it has the potential to reduce the shooting in schools.