Parenting Tip: - Treat Your Child Uniquely... Each Child Is Different

Treat your child uniquely: -

"The great parenting sign is not the behavior of the child. The really great parenting sign is the behavior of the parents" - Andy Smithson.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful peacock who loved himself so much that one day he heard a voice sing near the nightingale. Disappointed peacock shared his grief with the leader of God, Juno, who explained that every living being has its own way. "They are made in a certain way that serves the greatest purpose. The nightingale is blessed with a beautiful voice and God is blessed with beautiful feathers. Life is all about accepting and making the most of what we have." Through this story, we can all learn that as an adult we should always calculate the blessings of our children because each child is unique in one way or another. How many times have our children told, "Look at your best friend, he is from the top class. Why can't you get excellent marks like her / is he? Why can't you play like him / her?" The comparison is a secret thief that only makes you and your child frustrated and disappointed. We constantly compare their scores, height, weight, talents, performance, etc. with their peers and friends. I know, as a parent, that the comparison is certain, but ideal parenting is about giving your child a lot of opportunities to thrive, rather than confining them to your rules and regulations that are essential to enjoying her unique personality and knowing which characters she needs and excites. Instead of saying, "Why can't you study hard like your brother until you get good grades like him, say" to get good / better grades to study hard. "Don't pull it with your unrealistic expectations.
Imagine an office where all 50 salespeople are assigned to read a 200-page book. Do you think everyone will have the same speed, thinking and understanding ability? No, right? Then how can we expect that children of the same class or family alike? Each of us differs with distinctive sets of our weaknesses, strengths and abilities and has different social, emotional and intellectual needs. There is no such principle as “one size fits all” and therefore it is necessary to understand each child's needs, characteristics, personality and abilities. For their balanced growth and development do not use the same scale to reach every child. Comparing your child with others can be harmful and provoke jealousy among them. Take care of them to be themselves. Let them learn at their own pace and discover their way.