Parenting Tip: - Encourage Your Child To Accept Criticism Positively

Encourage your child to accept criticism positively:

"At every step, the child must be allowed to experience the true experience of life; the throne should never be taken from the roses" - Ellen Key.

In the classroom, the math teacher wrote Table 8 on the blackboard: -
8 * 1 = 8
8 * 2 = 16
8 * 3 = 24
8 * 4 = 32
8 * 5 = 40
8 * 6 = 48
8 * 7 = 56
8 * 8 = 64
8 * 9 = 72
8 * 10 = 79
After it ended, I found students laughing at them. She inquired why everyone collectively says that she wrote the table wrong. Its 8 * 10 = 80, not 79.
Listen to this teacher smiled and said I wrote on purpose the last line wrong to explain to you an important lesson in life. "I wrote nine things correctly, but I'm sorry to say that no one appreciates them. On the contrary, I made only one mistake and all started laughing. This is life!"
a. Mistakes are different from failure. Failure never accepts mistakes, while winners accept their mistakes as a path to excellence.
B. Train them on the difference between constructive and destructive criticism.
C. Destructive criticism can degrade their self-esteem or morale, or make them vibrant or even contradictory, on the other hand, constructive criticism is interpreted as an expression of a person's or object's disapproval based on perceived errors, flaws or errors.
Dr.. Don't aim for perfection every time. Sometimes a child is too afraid of not meeting their expectations or being afraid of trying new things.
e. During a difficult situation, ask them to remain calm and not to respond to the angry critic as it may create a negative impact on them and others. Consider it an educational experience.
F. Teach them to use criticism in a positive way to improve and grow, because recognizing when we are wrong, correcting our mistake is not a sign of weakness but of a strong personality.
G. If someone points to your kid's mistakes (and gets frustrated) instead of saying, "Why can't you understand" or "Why can't you do anything right?" And work on it. "This gives him / her the opportunity to enhance personality and learning.