Parenting Tip - Educate Your Child to Accept 'changes' Optimistically

Teach your child to accept "changes" with optimism:

"You can't change the conditions, the seasons or the wind, but you can change yourself. That's something you have" - ​​Jim Rohn.

In a forest, a huge animal was tied to a small rope on its front leg. The little boy was surprised by why the elephant did not break the rope and free himself. His curiosity was humbly answered by the elephant boss who explained the boy that when the elephants were small they used the same rope to tie them, at that time it was enough to keep them without a string and now they still think the rope is strong enough to hold it and did not try to break it. Your child learned that like an elephant, we are also trapped in our pre-filled beliefs, which are always incorrect assumptions and can change over a period of time.

Bad habits like picking a nose, thumb sucking, grinding teeth, licking lips, beating the head, twisting hair / pulling unwanted foods, watching a lot of TV or spending too much screen time on your computer, laptops, or playing video games , Or lying, or using arbitrary language etc. creates a tremendous impact on their physical and psychological development. Sometimes our children are more comfortable with their lives than any form of simple control in their daily routine, making them "uncomfortable". They love the way things are annoying. Fortunately, it is easy to change change at an early age and prepare for it and deal with it. Here's how you can help them accept the changes positively: -
• Make them aware of the result.
• Let them face their failures, rejection, fear, etc. without guilt.
• Don't worry about what others will say. It's their problem, not yours.
• Training them on how to analyze the changing situation and find appropriate solutions.
• Change is the only constant variable in our lives, so we need and help them to accept changes as they process continuous, continuous and repetitive learning.
Here's a proven way we can teach our children to profitably accept change
Accepting change means you're a good learner who wants to grow, try new things, find more information and give up the best. Embrace change and learn to accept things you can't change or try to change things you can't accept.