Let Us Protect and Preserve the Good Instinct of Our Children

In his first case, our instinct adheres to only one principle: this innate principle of our instinct, "the principle of preserving our physical integrity", fully complies with (as well as complementary) the principle of our instincts of conscience (moral principle). Another principle as an integral part of human instinct is the "principle of pleasure", which shows the latter, and in its first case, is also in full conformity with (as well as complementary) to both "the principle of maintaining our physical integrity" being "and the principle of our conscience (the moral principle).

This allows our will to alternate with the motives of our instinct and conscience without having to sacrifice its beauty which, in turn, depends on the absence of any internal conflict of will. Thus, in its primitive and natural state our will is, essentially, one and the same. In the case of the prime of human instinct, the will remains one and the same. Because in the absence of any conflict between instinct and conscience, there is no internal conflict between the will that is supposed to lead to the destruction of its entirety. We were all born with this natural will.

A serious problem arises when the "pleasure principle" and the "preservation of physical well-being" no longer agree with each other and complement each other where instinct conflicts with itself, because of the conflict between the two principles. However, instinct continues to maintain these two distinct and separate principles as before, - only with this change (and this is a big change) that the instinct is not as perfect (i.e., integrity) that characterized it at a time when these principles were complementary and not conflicting.

As this deformation continues, human instinct is ultimately divided into two separate and separate entities, one (the main principle of preserving material well-being) that he wishes to do according to the supreme principle of our conscience, while the other (the principle of pleasure) tirelessly pursues it.

As a result of this ongoing process, the essence of our instinct is ultimately destroyed as an innate principle in our instinct - the first principle of "physical integrity" - ultimately succumbs to (in turn, it is flooded with the "principle of pleasure" as the end result of this degradation. This is what ultimately happens to the instinct of children when they persistently see people who engage in enjoyable activities detrimental to their physical well-being: in the end, the former assimilates such practices as a social norm, and is conditioned on them; as young people, they (in turn) engage in activities that are so enjoyable.

The will of these children is ultimately torn apart by the persistent conflict between instinct and conscience and is no longer able to preserve its distinctive features (i.e. The state of the subsequent will of this nature is the key to all social injustices and inequality. Because when the will of individuals, or most individuals, within any society lacks integrity, the very basis of social justice and equality is lost.

Is it possible to preserve and protect our good instincts, so that when we seek pleasure in our lives, we will not end up compromising our physical well-being or the well-being of others? One way to do this is to provide our children with moral, ethical and religious education and appropriate guidance in a peaceful, loving, caring and above all natural environment. In such an environment and under such education and guidance, the purity and condition of the natural instinct against the aforementioned deformation can be guaranteed, protected and preserved in the years to come; perhaps, through their lives.

The key is to give children: a wonderful childhood. This will never be: even unless we allow them to grow within a natural environment with minimal protection, prevention and care, making nature take care of the child We need to make children know the masterpieces of nature. Thus, you enjoy nature. As a result, they will remain natural, and their instinct will remain natural and pure. With this instinct, they will care for and be aware of the physical well-being of the people around them, as they will care for their physical well-being and keep them in mind.