How to Help Your Kids Become Self-Confident, Happy and Passionate

By thinking of going back to our school days, we were taught different subjects, giving little guidance about the profession we should follow and on which they relate. There was, and still is, no excellent training programs in school unless you are an athlete.

Moreover, with the recent UK government policy proposing that all young people have a coach or a teacher, it is difficult to see how this will work in practice.

This situation remains a concern as the education sector continues to reduce budgets and professional services.

During my educational career, I have never seen or experienced how schools, colleges and universities benefit, and therefore, from the workplace to the root emotions we all generate.

Imagine if the education system took advantage of our basic feelings and promoted educational topics about those feelings instead of trying to correct everyone?

Having worked with thousands of young people, my goal in life is to inspire and support parents, guardians and those who meet young people to train them for a life and career full of purpose and pleasure in doing so. That's why I wrote this article.

I love what I do because of the results I get with both adults and young people. I see that people's eyes light up when they realize what is possible and see a future for themselves. This is especially important for what we call the missing generation of children.

With young people I like to see them discover what they want to do in life because this helps them focus on their choice of studies. What your story will be?

So, let's get down to it.

I want to help you discover your child's purpose in life and it is probably your goal - are you ready? Remember that these exercises work best with young people over the age of 14 because this is the time when the family unit begins to think about further education at college and university. In addition, this exercise is of equal value to your older children over the age of 18, with or without help.

Without a purpose in life, easy to be deviated or lost. So it is easy to roam, roam and achieve little in life. I knew hundreds of such students who went to college and university without any idea why they were there or what they wanted to accomplish in life.

To start trying to chat with young people in an informal environment - don't sit on them and start questioning them because they will leave - usually!

As a professional trainer I use the principles of success that Jack Canfield has achieved and one of the most important places I should start is to ask young people in your family.

Ask them "What do you want?" The first thing that will happen is that the young man will either start talking or writing things or 2) say "I don't know and ignore their shoulders."

So the next question if they stumble is to ask what they don't want, for example for the poor, homeless, unemployed and just three.

At this point either you or they can write a list. The list will usually contain "things" like cars and holidays as well as more spiritual things like being happy and content. It doesn't matter what the answers are now.

Once you have a list, ask your entrant to search the Internet for the images he wants and print them. The pictures can then be placed on the wall to remind them every day of what they want. Some people like the menu and this is also good.

This is the first of many questions you can ask them. To work throughout the entire course, you may want to purchase a book you wrote for parents and career counselors.