Children's Book Helps Overcome 1st Day School Jitters

Some issues mitigated by parents in advance;
• What to expect when he's lonely for the first time,
• fear of the unknown,
• collective bullying,
• First time away from mom and dad,
• It's okay that everyone is different.

Images are used to introduce Jerry the new giraffe into the classroom in the jungle of an empty land. No one has heard about Fargone and Jerry is embarrassed, and has a stutter, length, lonely and unsure how to contain it. As Jerry meets each of his classmates, the solution develops slowly. This illustrated book deals with children's concerns and how parents can prepare for this critical juncture of time.

Parents are busy, they must work, balance the budget and juggle life. It's a common consensus, "I passed from home to school, and my child will also have to ..." Teachers who see these children in school see a different child from the one who arrives home every evening.

Little understanding and preparation deliver a completely different child. “Children have the ability to embrace and understand the future, if we allow them to prepare for it. Reading children's photos can contain a strong educational message accompanied by wonderful, vibrant colorful characters that engage the child without the essence of preaching. On the first day of school fears a success for the father and the child. "

"I think going home from school is the second biggest shock in childhood; the first, of course, is the birth," says Eric Award-winning author Carl, of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

All their childhood, the children were told, "You can do it!" After they grow up a little, they are told all the things they can't do. We must be fans as parents who encourage our children to dream big, imagine big, think big, and dare to be wonderful in "the land of anything possible."

The nation's greatest national treasure is the children's imagination, because it will make all our treachery possible.

This book has found a way to ease this painful transition day to an expected growth day through an educational lesson using animals and lukewarm dialogue that young children can understand and recognize immediately.

“It's all about children because they are people too, while encouraging good citizenship, honesty, imagination and integrity.

Parents can take the free Fargone free children's book for a complete driving experience with real animal sounds, narrated by Dr. Goz without having to buy.

"Dad, you have to read this child's book!" Said my 15-year-old daughter from teaching first graders and seeing the shock on the first day of school. I did...
My memories all returned to the flood 60 years ago!
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