5 Effective Ways To Keep Your Child Off Gadgets

But it shouldn't be that way. Although technology has become a part of our lives, it's not too late to show our kids that there are plenty of other ways to enjoy other than playing indoors with a tool.

Here are 5 creative and effective ways to keep your child away from tools:

Good role models

Children, especially young people, tend to copy what their parents or guardians do. If you are always on your phone, this is probably what made them curious in the first place. Set an example for them and embody what you have learned - take time from your mobile phone, tablet or TV every day and look for alternative ways to enjoy.

Use this time to play with your kids in the backyard or take them to the park. If your children can see that you can have fun without tools, they will believe they can.

Note: If you must use a gadget, do not let children see it. Do what you need to do, then go back to your free time in the tool.

Do not make tools accessible

One of the reasons children spend so much time watching TV or playing video games is that they are readily available. Keep your phone and tablets in a place your child can't reach and place restrictions on TVs, computers, or games.

You can give him one TV hour a day, or he can only play video games during the weekend.

Change his routine

The goal is to make your child understand that his spare time is not synonymous with show time. Introduce new fun activities that can turn into hobbies like drawing, playing sports or reading books. For younger children, regular play dates will greatly help.

Bring your baby outdoors

It can be as simple as playing with other children in the park or planning a family camping trip. The outdoors is full of wonderful good things for sensuous play, and will encourage the child to learn and explore things that he usually does not see around the house.

Make things exciting for your child

This may seem often, but it's actually quite simple because it doesn't require much happiness for children. If you feel bored of an activity that was once your favorite, you need to introduce new activities. It's also perfect to involve yourself in these activities as much as you can.

Children don't want more than just playing with you, and if they do too much, they will choose it on a tool at any time.

Follow these effective ways to keep your child away from tools, and he will definitely be tool-free in no time!