3 Ways To Make Your Backyard More Fun For Kids

As a parent, it is your job to fill your home with creative, fun and inspiring ideas that encourage your child to be creative, exploring and relaxing no matter where they are in your home.

Here are some effective ways to make your backyard more fun for kids:

Build a Rock Spot

A rock spot is basically a play area in your pebbly yard - a great place for kids to play with their cars, trucks, construction toys as well as animals. You can use a small inflatable pool or create a 4 × 5 hole using large rocks or pieces of wood to contain the gravel.

About 5 bags of pea gravel (about 50 pounds per bag) will be used in this area. Add some small wooden boards that kids can use as shields, branches and sticks to build anything. A rock spot will be a great addition to any home because it is great for sensory learning.

Install the large blackboard

The easiest way to do this is to use a large blackboard purchased from the store, but this can be expensive. Alternatively, you can choose to make your own. The first step is to make homemade blackboard paint (this process will last longer than the kit purchased from the store and can better adapt to external conditions).

With each cup of external latex enamel you use, mix it with two tablespoons of indifferent plaster. Use this combination to draw a large piece of plywood (it is best to do mixtures one cup at a time to blend more).

Once it is dry, hang the blackboard on a child's height in an area in your backyard and provide plenty of non-toxic colored chalk. You will be thankful for keeping the chalk dust out!

Create a play pool

Did you know that we loved to create these kayaks and would float them in the bathtub during the bath time when we were young? Your kids will love it too, playing with water even when it's not bath time!

In addition to the children love to play in the water, the play pool will be a great way to calm them down during the hot summer days.

A large factory saucer works best. Put them on the floor in your yard and fill the water. It will be fun to sit down with your kids in advance and teach them how to make kites. Once the pond is ready, kids can enjoy their boat race!

Add bathing games, water animals and some bubbles to add fun!

You don't have to spend a lot of money on taking your kids to amusement parks or playing houses a lot, you can have your own version of fun in your backyard!